Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets

The best kept Beauty Secrets to keep you radiant and beautiful.

Clean hands equals clean face

Most skin problems are caused by bacteria. Although you believe that your hands are clean, the truth is that they contain millions of bacteria. And the most surprising thing is that, on average, we touch our faces with our hands about 3,000 times a day.

So most of the bacteria present on the face come from the hands and not from the environment. So, before you apply makeup or apply any product of your beauty routine, do not forget to wash your hands.

Then, to keep them hydrated and clean. It uses a specific treatment for hands that nourishes and reinforces the protective barrier of the skin, keeping it protected against the effects of impurities present in the environment.

Exercise reduces wrinkles

But not the one we do in the gym to lose the extra pounds, but the one you can do on your face. Yes, as you read it. Facial exercises strengthen muscles and improve blood circulation, significantly reducing the signs of aging.

They are less stressful than an hour on the treadmill. However, to improve the result, combine these exercises with an anti-aging cream to improve the elasticity of the skin.


Use sunscreen on cloudy days

You may have already checked a holiday day that was gray, but on a day-to-day basis you can also get burned even though the storm is falling. 40% of UV rays reach the earth, even on cloudy days.

Scientists say that 80% of the visible signs of aging are related to exposure to this type of rays, so it is essential to use a sunscreen if you spend a lot of time outdoors, regardless of the time of year where you are To avoid feeling sticky skin all the time, you can use a moisturizer that incorporates sunscreen.


Use antioxidants in your beauty routine

Just as you introduce a dose of antioxidants into your daily diet, you should do the same in your beauty routine. Why? Incorporating antioxidants into your beauty products helps combat the visible signs of aging. For example, lemon tea with curcuma honey and ginger.

Ginger is a powerful antioxidant that contains up to 25 different varieties of depurative components that act effectively against all kinds of impurities.

So we recommend you start the day with an apple and ginger juice and a comforting shower that includes a shower gel with antioxidants, to revitalize your skin.

Look your best without leaving home

Sometimes we are just out of beauty salon and starts raining or the moisture kills the look that is why the best beauty secret is to use your smartphone to order a  hairstylists or makeup artists that come directly to you with LIV an App created to save you time and from the comfort of your home so you can have a perfect start of the week, special event or any occasion.

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